Teach you how to visit World of Warcraft: Bone-Bone Treasure Ch

  • As you explore World of Warcraft: The Afterlife in Shadowlands, the game encounters several treasures in each of the four "Convention" family world areas. Usually, players need to find a way to reach or unlock hidden treasures. These hidden treasures usually have names, and can even be marked on the player's map to signal to the player that they have better loot than ordinary treasure chests. In Maldraxxus, the territory of the Necrolord, players can find a hidden chest in a cave full of elites, which is called the Bonebound Chest. Even players who did not choose "Necro Contract" can find this hidden box, but they may need to fight to reach it.

    The loot table of the Bonebound Treasure Chest contains 73 items, four of which are reserved for members of the Necromantic Covenant who can be transformed into life. There are many interesting area-specific drops, as well as opportunities to pick up missions, armor items and even weapons. The box has three possible spawning locations near the WOW Classic Gold entrances of the three caves. This is how to reach the hidden bone box in Maldraxxus in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

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    The box that spawned bones will be displayed as an icon on its map. Players need to pay attention to where the icon appears to know exactly which cave entrance they need to use. The generation speed of treasure chests is 30.5, 77.8; 36.3, 81.6; or 40, 74.8.

    On Ragebringer’s terrace, players will find three entrances to the cave below the House of Choice, each with the same doorway. The position of the chest icon should tell the player which entrance to use.

    Starting from the entrance of the terrace, if the chest icon appears on the map to the east of the Unfallen Temple between the selected house and Primus seat, the player should enter the first door on the left. In order to reach the treasure, the player will need to enter the cave and turn left when reaching the march of the Ash Elite Elite on the Anvil. If the "chest" icon appears in the south near the "Indomitable Assembly", the player should pass through the second door on the left, through the up ramp and through the arch. The treasure will be found on the right side next to the cauldron.

    If the "chest" icon appears on the west side of the "Voter's House", the player should enter the cave through the far right or west door. In this position, the treasure will appear inside the cave entrance on the left. No matter which entrance the player uses, there are bound to be some difficult and deadly elites in every area except for aggressive enemies around the sanctuary and terrace. Players may want to consider using their best healers to survive and equip them with the best equipment. It's not uncommon for players to report death multiple times to retrieve treasure.

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