How about World of Warcraft in 2021 and Azeroth Guide

  • In fact, now is a good time to become a World of Warcraft player. The latest expansion product Shadowlands was launched in November 2020, opening a whole new corner of Warcraft Cosmology. Shadowlands brings players into the afterlife of Warcraft. Shadowlands introduces a series of exciting new features, such as the rogue dungeon, which will change every time you venture into it, and you can join four very cool factions, each of which offers unique Rewards, abilities and special events. Shadowlands is a major update, but the MMO is always evolving and changing. According to feedback, in the next few years, Blizzard will likely add new areas, additional story missions, and possibly even overhaul the entire system. If you are not an active player, it may be difficult to figure out whether this is a good time to come back.

    As you may have suspected, my answer to this question is that now is definitely a good time to return to World of Warcraft. In the next section, I will explain why, but there are many exciting things in the WOW Classic Gold future. Later this spring, a major update will add more work to Shadowlands, and this is just the beginning. As the game director Ion Hazzikostas explains below, Blizzard has made some grand plans for this expansion plan, and is already working hard to resolve some important issues that players have reported.

    Shadowlands feels like the highest point in World of Warcraft, which shows that considering this game has a history of 18 years. The previous expansion, the battle for Azeroth, the endless endgame honing, the repetitive activities and chaotic stories of island expeditions made many players frustrated. It feels like Blizzard has listened to a lot of such feedback, and the result is that Shadowlands is the best World of Warcraft in years.

    Shadowlands does a good job of establishing a clear hierarchy, so I can prioritize and focus on the things that are actually important to me instead of getting stuck in endless chores. New features like The Great Vault do a great job of rewarding players, and no matter how they choose to spend their time, I really like the new dungeons and raids. Everyone feels different, and some people fighting the boss feels different from anyone else I have seen in World of Warcraft. Torghast, its huge Roguelike-like dungeon, feels like a crazy scientific experiment. You can quickly gain a series of broken powers to turn your character into a killing machine. It's easy to make mistakes, and an entire hour was wasted with nothing to show.

    If Shadowlands has a big problem, it is Torghast. Although it is fun, the difficulty varies depending on your course. I reached the last boss on the floor and died more than once, which meant that I had to start from scratch and got no return. Apart from Torghast, the delightful endgame of Shadowlands gives me confidence that this expansion will continue to be huge. If you have never played World of Warcraft, then there is no better time than this. Moreover, if you leave Warcraft at some point and want to know if you should come back, Shadow World is easily the best choice for expansion, which is the best reason to do so.

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