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  • You were thoroughly savoring your game on the Pogo website without Pogo pop-up blocker issue when suddenly you are met with annoying Pogo game popups, and to curb it, you enabled Pogo pop-up blocker. Now that blocking may cause trouble to you as Pogo has the feature of displaying popups before every game and asking for permission before accessing that game.
    To tackle the issues stemming due to disabling the pop-ups, you need to enable the pop-ups, and if you have installed a pop-up blocker on your operating system, you need to disable it.

    Why you need to disable Pogo pop up blocker?

    A variety of glitches emerge while accessing Pogo games when the pop-ups are disabled. The symptoms of this issue include:

    • You must not be able to discover the ‘My game’ window on the screen
    • Are you also unable to detect the ‘My table’ console to witness a gamut of Pogo games.
    • You wouldn’t be able to view the profile of gamers who would be online.


    The shortcut to turn off the pop-up blocker includes pressing the ALT and CTRL keys together. The combination of keys is to be tapped whenever you access the pogo game you want to play. Ensure to hold down these keys until the Pogo games window comes up. You can always execute the testing of the pop-up blocker to check whether it’s turned off or not by evoking the blocker and pressing these keys.

    The procedure to disable pogo pop-up blocker issue especially if you use Windows XP and Internet Explorer

    Although this procedure can be applied to other browsers and operating systems, it is an exclusive method for Windows XP and Internet Explorer users.

    • Inspect the toolbar on your Internet Explorer browser.
    • Navigate to the ‘Notification’ area adjacent to the clock symbol.
    • Take help from the browser window to disable the pop-up browser.

    It is important to understand that site-specific pop-up blocker disabling wouldn’t be that efficacious. It is important to disable the blocker completely to enjoy Pogo games without any obstruction.
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    How do you disable a pop-up blocker on a mac?

    • Open Safari and visit the ‘Preferences’ window.
    • On the top of the screen, you can find the ‘Security’ option, tap on it.
    • Check the ‘Block pop-up’ option
    • Uncheck it to disable it.

    How to disable pop up blocker on windows 10?

    If you are a windows 10 user and your pogo game is having glitches due to a pop-up blocker, you can do as following to overhaul the glitches:

    • Open internet explorer browser
    • Locate the ‘Tools/Settings’ option on the top, click on it.
    • Navigate to the ‘Privacy’ tab and turn off the “Turn on the Pop-up Blocker” option by unchecking the box.
    • This shall disable the pop-up blocker and you would be able to enjoy Pogo Games without any hindrance.

    We hope that this article helped fix your issue and you were able to successfully disable the pop-up blocker. In case you face any difficulty while executing these steps or were unable to revoke the pop-up settings, feel free to contact the Pogo support number team. Our executives at Pogo technical support number are available 24×7 all year round to assist you in any kind of Pogo games issues.