What are the surface treatments and common effects of plywood?

  • Plywood is a construction and furniture material made from wood chips, sawdust or fiberboard held together with glue and often requires surface treatment to enhance its appearance, durability and functionality. The following are some common plywood laser cut surface treatment methods and effects, introduced by plywood manufacturers:

    Painting: Jiangsu plywood can be painted or coated to increase its appearance and protection. The paint can be chosen from a variety of colors and gloss levels to achieve different visual effects. High-gloss paint creates a smooth, shiny finish, while matte paint creates a softer look.

    Staining: Plywood can be stained to change its color. Staining can give plywood a variety of different wood grain colors to mimic the look of natural wood. Staining can also help protect the wood from UV rays and other environmental factors.

    Surface covering materials: The surface of Right Angle Laser Cut Density Board can have covering materials added, such as thin wood veneer, wood veneer, plastic veneer, metal veneer or coating. These materials are available in different textures, colors and textures to meet specific design needs.

    Lacquer and Matte Finishes: The surface texture of plywood can be changed by applying a varnish or matte finish. Varnish can make the wood grain more visible, while a frosted finish can create a rough, matte look.

    Stickers and Printing: Plywood can be stickered or printed to add patterns, images or text. This treatment is commonly used in furniture, decorative panels and commercial applications.

    Carving and Sculpting: Plywood can be carved or sculpted to give it a unique decorative effect. This method of plywood manufacturers can be used to create beautiful decorations, furniture and architectural details.

    Waterproofing and anti-corrosion treatment: If the plywood will be used outdoors or in a humid environment, it can be waterproofed and anti-corrosion treated to extend its service life.

    In short, the surface treatment of Laser Engraving Snowflake Plywood Craft can be varied according to specific uses and design needs to achieve different effects to meet the requirements of various applications.