Steam is slowly getting stronger

  • If you like to play PC games like me, I have good news to share with you. There is a controller hidden in the home console box of PC games. This controller is small and difficult to be found. Many families will not notice it. after all, its effect is not very big.

    According to online reports, Steam is testing PS5 and Xbox controller extensions, including additional customization and button mapping. If you have multiple controllers, this is good news. Although I am very happy, I will also pay attention to the MMOSO store, because you can buy the latest version of goods here, such as Steam Level Up. I'm still shaking the rather old Xbox One controller, but I do want to upgrade it. Everything is ready, waiting for me to upgrade to experience it.

    Recently, to strengthen the support of Xbox and PS5 controllers, Steam has outlined some new features. You can try it when you switch to the Steam Client Beta branch of the site. The Xbox controller can rebind the sharing button of the Xbox Xbox X controller. As part of the controller configuration, the handle is bound to the back of the controller, which is both beautiful and practical.

    They also provide support for more than four Xbox controllers. But in my family, there are currently no more than four Xbox controllers or biological cables to manipulate them. Buy Steam Level Up can make my experience smoother, and I am ready to upgrade. Maybe it can't be achieved now, but it will be achieved in the future, right? In the Steam update, there is more about supporting Wooting Two keyboard, HOTAS, and G15 devices at the same time.

    At the same time, the PS5 controller will nod, instead of enabling or disabling the LED lights in the gamepad, or only enabling it when multiple controllers are connected. Soon after the latest system was released, Steam also improved PS5 controller support after last year.