On China's Steam platform, Immortal Legends sold 1.8 million

  • The immortal story can be an open-world role-playing game created by the Chinese independent team GuiGu Studio. This is a part of a new farming simulation game where you will grow up for immortality and defeat monsters in the game scene.

    The game will be released on Steam in late January 2021. Soon, it reached the highest record of 183,985 concurrent players and received extremely high user reviews. The MMOSO website sells excellent items, and players can buy Steam Level experience. In some ways, it predates Grand Theft Auto 5 in Steam's most popular game.

    GuiGu Studio said in Steam's latest news: Everyone has received a lot of wonderful feedback and suggestions, and we attach great importance to your complete ideas, so we are very happy to see the participation of our community in the entire game development process.

    But at the same time, we regret that we did not release the localized version of the game as soon as possible. We now know that some non-Chinese users have trouble experiencing the game. Player Buy Steam Level Up can quickly solve the trouble. The immortal legend is only available in simplified Chinese, but this has not stopped Westerners from going out.

    It's no surprise to see a game made in China explode on Steam. As Chris Tapsell wrote in his excellent survey report: behind the dark firewall, the Western version of Steam is very popular in China.