The most popular steam game is preparing a surprise for players

  • Deep Silver and 4A Games released by Steam provide popular AAA games 100% free for a limited time. More specifically, from now until March 15th, all Steam users can download the best games of 2010.

    According to the latest data, the Metro 2033 game is one of the best games of 2010 and the first of the three games in the Metro series. The store has always existed, and the player's Buy Steam Level is one of the expressions of trust in the store. The latest version of the Metro series is Metro Exodus. If Metro 2033 does not become a cult classic in 2010, there will be no Metro Exodus.

    After the agreed time, the experience will return to the normal price. Also, although the operation can be used on other platforms, at least the PC version is now created for free. On Steam, this sport has a very positive user evaluation score, of which 92% of athletes have more than 16,500 evaluations of this sport.

    The game trailer introduces this: In the underground apocalyptic broken subway, subway 2033 is indeed a story about underground dense survival, where the fate of humans is closely related to you. It is difficult to win the game without relying on the player's Buy Steam Level. The end of the world destroyed the entire earth, almost destroyed the entire human race, and turned the surface of the earth into a poisonous wasteland.

    A few survivors hid deep underground in Moscow, and human civilization has entered some other dark age. The subway station that has never had a major incident caused the subway system to fall into despair. The forgotten catacombs below the subway, to your desolate wasteland above, your movements will determine the fate of mankind.