5086 Aluminum Plate In deliver Hull

  • 5086 aluminum plate in ship hull has entered the world shipbuilding market, specially utilized in deliver deck, engine pedestal, deliver side, backside outer plate and different additives. 5086 aluminum sheet plate belongs to anti-rust aluminum plate, it has high toughness, corrosion resistance and weldability, which gives the possibility for strict deliver hull production. At the identical time, the marine grade aluminum plate for shipbuilding can face up to the corrosion of the environment, steam, water and other media inside the marine climate for an extended time, and is long lasting and extra most economical.
    The overall performance requirement of 5086 aluminum plate in deliver hull are:
    1, high corrosion resistance, slight energy, and correct weldability;
    2. Low density, high tensile power and excessive elongation;
    Three, The floor of the marine grade aluminum plate 5086 has no oil spots, no waves, no scratches, no roll marks, smartly trimmed edges, and no burrs;
    Four, The organization's 1+1 warm rolling manufacturing line has been completed and put into operation, with superior technical equipment and mature era.
    HUAWEI Aluminum is a company that manufactures 5086 aluminum plate in deliver hull merchandise and different marine grade aluminum series merchandise. It is able to produce series shipbuilding aluminum plate and profile products in line with the requirements of the marine enterprise, and can also perform special processing according to the drawings and necessities of users. The marine grade aluminum products can be provided with corresponding ship inspection certificates. The organisation insists on generating and accepting merchandise consistent with country wide technical requirements, and its marine grade aluminum plate 5083, 5086, 5383, 6061 have been approved by way of equipped government and type societies which includes ABS, CCS, DNV, KR and BV.