Here’s how you can go about getting Shiny Statues in Pokémon BD

  • The Secret Base Statues that you can find while digging for fossils in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s Grand Underground are extremely useful. You’ll place these inside your secret base, and they boost the chance of you encountering specific Pokémon types of the Statues you place down. There’s also the chance to acquire Shiny Statues. Here’s how you can go about getting Shiny Statues in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

    While you can technically find Shiny Statues naturally, the odds are so low that, even alone, it is more time-efficient to hunt down Digletts and Dugtrios to ensure you can dig out a Gorgeous Stone Box while fossil hunting. The process isn't complicated but can be time-consuming.

    You can only get Shiny Pokemon Statues from Gorgeous Boxes that you find in the Grand Underground. These boxes are quite rare and can be difficult to obtain, but there is a way to find Gorgeous Boxes reliably. First off you will need to be able to connect to the internet. This is because of that special meter under your map in the Grand Underground. This meter is filled whenever any player walks over a Diglett or Dugtrio. If you are online filling this meter is a lot easier than trying to do it alone, and this is the key to farming Shiny Pokemon Statues.  

    When you reach a high amount of bonus, anything about 35 points, you’ll want to click the R trigger on your Nintendo Switch. A small echo-like location will vibrate away from your character, and you’ll want to do this next to the fossil dig sites you find. From there, you’ll want to complete the fossil minigame as you usually would finish it, and hope you find a Gorgeous Stone Box before the end of the minigame.

    Shiny Statues can be identified by being a reflective green color instead of the normal stone gray. However, they, unfortunately, do not have a direct impact on encountering real Shiny Pokémon. Instead, Shiny Statues have the exact same effect as a regular statue, only with each one having a greater effect, roughly double that of a regular statue. That means you can maximize your space when setting up your Secret Base by putting down as many Shiny Statues as possible for the most efficient boost. is a trusted reliable online store specialized in buying and selling Pokemon BDSP Account, we are aim to be the best place to buy Pokemon BDSP Account now. You are guaranteed to get cheap Pokemon BDSP Account with instant delivery and keep your information private. Multiple payment methods are supported, 100% safe payment transaction without any risk is promised.