Old School Runescape available now on Steam

  • Old School RuneScape is celebrating the 8 years of classic MMORPG gameplay with the launch on Steam! Players can link their existing account to Steam and carry on playing with progress saved across Steam, the PC and Mac desktop client as well as iOS and Android mobile editions.

    Since the launch of Runescape, the developers and the community have had a nice and fairly unique relationship between them. Because an old school variant of a game originally only lives on nostalgia, and this nostalgic charm works out relatively quickly with the majority of the players, the gentlemen of Jagex have decided to poll all the changes in the game with the players. So players decide for themselves which content and which changes did or did not reach the "new edition". An MMO like this must of course remain the same, but it must also not stand still. A difficult balancing act for the developers. But Jagex has clearly found a suitable solution for this, because Old School Runescape is now 8 (!) Years old.

    Greetings, adventurer! Rooted in the origins of MMOs, Old School RuneScape is the only ever-evolving adventure that has been shaped by you.

    Released way back in 2013, Old School RuneScape is RuneScape as you * knew it *! Based on the 2007 build of the popular open world fantasy MMORPG, Old School is constantly being updated with improvements and new content voted for by you, the fans! The close relationship between developers and players is key to what makes the old school so magical.

    According to the release information, all players will be able to link their game accounts with the Steam account and reuse progress on the Valve platform. It is worth mentioning that cross-play support will continue to be active and that a good series of anniversary events has already started. In this sense, players will be able to acquire exclusive rewards, including an unprecedented cosmetic item, called Banana Cape. And yes, Jagex made it clear that it expects a big increase in the number of players who dedicate themselves to the adventure, since the intention, when making the game available in that store, was to make it even more accessible.

    So, you want to be a master cook? Or a powerful mage? Whether you’re here for the rich story and lore, the challenging combat, to fight alongside others or against them, to journey alone or simply to experience the magical world of Gielinor, Old School can be any adventure you want.

        Master 23 diverse skills across a huge array of play styles
        Take on over 140 quests spanning the fascinating and varied game world
        Confront dozens and dozens of bosses
        Risk everything in an assortment of PvP encounters
        Profit from a thriving and dynamic in-game economy

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