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  • New SEVENFRIDAY Papa Don’t Preach

    Friday the 7th ladies! Shubhika cooperates with PAPA DON'T PREACH, and the rounded square replica watches for sale launches two new bracelet styles, equipped with colorful dials and equipped with quartz movement.

    SEVENFRIDAY takes an interesting turn with a new collaboration with Shubhika's PAPA DON'T PREACH, which was founded in 2010 in Mumbai. The brand carries the message of the famous Madonna song, defying social norms in an unapologetic and playful way. Shubhika is the creator of this Indian brand with its flagship store in Mumbai. The entire world wrapped up in the brand is full of fantasy and fairy-tale colors, and stars such as Paris Hilton, Liza Koshy and Chrissy Teigen have worn it Used this color.

    Is it a women's watch or a fashion accessory?

    who cares? Wear it boldly and proudly.
    Witness the colorful collaboration between PAPA DON'T PREACH and SEVENFRIDAY in fashion and timepieces. replica watches swiss

    The collaboration between SEVENFRIDAY and PAPA DON'T PREACH stems from their similarities and differences! First, there are differences in their heritage. Switzerland and India are very different in everything from work styles to style and fashion trends. In addition to the differences between the watch and fashion industries, this could have been a roadblock if it weren't for the brands' shared mission and values. A natural collaboration between the two companies resulted in a product that is the equivalent of SEVENFRIDAY and PAPA DON'T PREACH.

    At the heart of this collaboration are watches that are works of art. The architecture and functionality are very SEVENFRIDAY, with a more organic evolution of its iconic “square-circle” case, familiar hands and dial structure, and embedded NFC chip. However, this design is totally dad-no-preachy. An all-female team designed a new, unique watch face for the collaboration. Ferocious leopards intertwine seamlessly with vibrant patterns and maximalist mystical flowers that even plant lovers won't recognize. Created by the design team, this flower symbolizes cooperation and blooms only in the fantasy world of SEVENFRIDAY X PAPA DON'T PREACH. To emphasize the detailed design, the dial is constructed with raised elements that give a 3D effect and add depth and dimension to Shubhika’s creations. Additionally, the Mumbai team designed canvas tote bags and unique display materials, and gave the SEVENFRIDAY wholesale fashion watches wooden box a pink makeover that reads "like a ribbon around a bomb." Elegance and sensitivity meet fiery and unpredictable energy. Andre Breton once used it to describe the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, and what better way to describe this contrasting collaboration.

    “When I first met SEVENFRIDAY founder Dan four years ago, I was at a networking event; we had a great time discussing our respective brands and found that our ideologies matched. What followed was four years in the making Collaboration. We took calls and met across time zones during the pandemic. We knew we would create a work of art no matter how long it took, and I'm very proud of how it turned out. These watches mark an exciting new stage in our journey , enabling our customers to embrace fragments of the Papaverse on their wrists." Shubhika Sharma, Founder and CEO, Dads Don’t Preach

    For both brands, it's a celebration of firsts. PAPA DON'T PREACH introduces its first replica watches online to its accessories range, while SEVENFRIDAY adopts a new look that harmoniously blends the worlds of fashion and horology.

    These watches are part of the newly launched C Series; C1/01 and C2/01. The C Series is the thinnest and smallest watch SEVENFRIDAY has produced to date, which means that unlike other models, this watch has a quartz movement. The SEVENFRIDAY series also breaks with tradition and cleverly changes the shape of the case to a softer, more rounded "checkered" one. The C1/01 and C2/01 feature a heart-shaped lacquered crown, PAPA DON'T PREACH design signature, and co-branding on the dial ring and case sides. Both models are available in gold and silver, and both come with a metal bracelet.

    Seven Friday Dad Does Not Preach Specs
    SF-C1/0​1 SF-C2/01

    Dimensions: Case: 42 x 42.5 x 8.5 mm (H x W x D) Bracelet: 23 to 20 mm Crown: 5.5 x 6.8 mm
    Mobile: Ronda 712 (Swiss Quartz)
    Waterproof: 3 atmospheres
    Case: TV pad shape
    Stainless steel. The SEVENFRIDAY PDP collaboration logo is engraved on the side of the case at position 9H in the shape of a TV pad
    Stainless steel, gold PVD treated. The SEVENFRIDAY PDP cooperation logo is engraved on the side of the case at 9H
    Bezel: Stainless steel, groove lines filled with green Berlac paint Stainless steel, gold PVD treated Bezel groove lines filled with pink Berlac paint
    Crown: Special heart-shaped crown in stainless steel with recessed areas refilled with green Berlac paint Special heart-shaped crown in stainless steel with recessed areas refilled with pink Berlac paint
    Dial-up: three-layer structure
    • The outer dial ring and central dial feature a multi-layered color print featuring an Indian leopard cat decoration, designed exclusively for SEVENFRIDAY by PDP.
    • Rhodium-plated dial ring, engraved with SEVENFRIDAY X PAPA DON`T PREACH, highlighting the official collaboration three-layer structure
    • Outer dial ring and central dial with multi-layered color printing, embossed printed gold-plated decoration showcasing Indian floral decoration, designed exclusively by PDP for SEVENFRIDAY • Applied dial ring, electroplated gold, engraved SEVENFRIDAY X PAPA DON
    ' T PREACH emphasizes official cooperation
    Hands: Rhodium-plated hour and minute hands, hour hand equipped with leaf-shaped hands and filled with white luminous material. The minute and hour hands are coated with luminous paint and the hour and minute hands are electroplated gold. The hour hand adopts a leaf-shaped pointer and is coated with white luminous paint, as does the minute hand.
    Glass: K1 hardened mineral with anti-reflective treatment
    Metal Bracelet: Five-row stainless steel with vertical brushed top surface of links on rows 2 and 4, polished finish on all other rows, 7F logo engraved in center of double clasp Five-row stainless steel metal bracelet with gold PVD treatment , the top surface of the links on rows 2 and 4 has a vertical brushed finish, all other rows have a polished finish, and the double buckle buckle has the 7F logo engraved in the center
    Case back: Special collaboration polycarbonate chip cover enables connection between phone and embedded NFC chip

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