The Best Way To Fix MetaMask Extension Not Showing Up Issue

  • The Best Way To Fix MetaMask Extension Not Showing Up Issue

    A crypto wallet offers different types of service, best wallet depends on your use and preferences. Like MetaMask Extension wallet which is a renowned crypto wallet that comes with a user-friendly interface. The wallet was introduced by a blockchain technology company named ConsenSys in 2016. With the help of this wallet, one can conveniently connect its browser to the Ethereum blockchain to buy, sell, and Trade Ether. As a non-custodial wallet users retain full control over their private keys and digital assets. 

    Its advanced features such as token detection and tuned control over transactions make it a powerful tool for its users. The platform is available to download as Chrome Extension and mobile application for its users. Despite this, wallet adjustable fees and support of hardware wallet provide a huge benefit among its users. If you are keen to know more about the MetaMask Extension wallet and its different aspects, stay around to learn more.

    How To Fix MetaMask Not Showing Up On My Browser Issue?

    If you are encountering the MetaMask Extension not showing up on your browser issue and you are unable to figure out the issue and looking for a way to over from this, follow the steps mentioned below. 

    1. Restart Your Browser– If you are unable to see your MetaMask extension in your browser, you can restart your browser once and try again. Sometimes a simple restart helps you to fix the issue. 
    2. Lock and Unlock Your MetaMask– Sometimes it happens due to a specific transaction issue it creates issues. To solve this, you need to lock and unlock your MetaMask wallet extension to get rid of this. 
    3. Update Your MetaMask – Make sure you are using the latest version of the MetaMask crypto extension. If not, update it with the available latest version to avoid any compatibility issues to get a hassle-free experience while using. 
    4. Adjust Privacy Setting –The best way to fix the extension not showing issue in your browser, while installing the MetaMask you can adjust privacy settings to ensure it adjusts accordingly. To do this hit the advanced configuration button during the wallet setting. 
    5. Extension Permission – Keep in mind that the MetaMask wallet extension requires permission to read and change all your data on the website to enable the dApps to access the blockchain. 

    These are some of the best ways to fix your MetaMask Extension wallet issue by following the above steps. 


    MetaMask Extension is a popular crypto platform that allows users to interact with various decentralized applications conveniently. Its ease-of-use interface and outstanding features make it convenient for every user whether you are a new user or a veteran to navigate the platform wisely. Furthermore, it supports a wide range of digital assets including ERC-20 and as well as ERC-721 NFTs. Which provides a wide choice for its users while making investment targets. 

    In addition, the wallet's top-notch security features and seamless integration with the hardware wallet lift the wallet security and provide a safe and secure environment for every investor. Once you download the wallet, it will take a few minutes to complete the setup. Overall, MetaMask could be a good fit for those who give priority to their security on top.