Photofacial Treatment - For A Smoother You

  • Photofacial is a medical facial that uses the properties of intense pulse light (IPL) to stimulate collagen and elastin protein in the skin for complete facial rejuvenation. Photofacial treatment in Delhi is available at Skinology - Dadu Medical Center, which is performed under the guidance of renowned skin specialist Dr. Nivedita Dadu. The treatment is carried out to get rid of a number of skin concerns such as brown spots, redness, open pores, rough skin texture, fine lines, pigmentation, etc. Photofacial is an instant treatment and does not involve any downtime and side effects. The procedure is based on multiple sessions, which can result in a varied cost of Photofacial in Delhi. Besides this, the number of sessions required for the skin to look naturally young and more nourished depends on the concerns and its severity. To know more about Photofacial therapy and its cost in Delhi, visit Skinology - Dadu Medical Center.