Outlaw's Marksmanship: Unleashing Graves' Gunplay Mastery

  • Embrace the Lawless Frontier with Graves, the Outlaw Gunslinger. Armed with a quick trigger finger and a thirst for vengeance, Graves navigates the treacherous paths of the criminal underworld.

    Born in the lawless outskirts of the city, Graves, once known as Malcolm Graves, was a notorious outlaw feared by many. With his quick wit, sharpshooting skills, and a thirst for revenge, he navigated the criminal underworld with ease. However, a botched heist led to his betrayal and imprisonment, where he was left to rot in the depths of the city's most notorious prison.

    But Graves was not one to be confined for long. With cunning and determination, he broke free, vowing to take down those who had wronged him and reclaim his rightful place as the lawless king of the streets. When you embark on your journey, mmowow items can lend a helping hand when you need help.

    Hero Positioning and Skills:

    Graves is a ranged marksman with burst damage and area-of-effect abilities, making him a versatile pick for both dueling and team fights.

    1. New Destiny (Passive): Graves gains a stack of True Grit each time he auto-attacks or casts an ability, granting him bonus armor. At max stacks, Graves gains true grit, increasing his resistance further.

    2. End of the Line (Q): Graves fires a shell in a straight line that explodes on impact or after traveling a set distance, dealing damage in a cone behind the initial impact.

    3. Smoke Screen (W): Graves throws a smoke canister at a target location, creating a cloud of smoke that reduces vision and slows enemies caught inside.

    4. Quickdraw (E): Graves dashes in a target direction, reloading one shell into his shotgun and gaining bonus attack speed for a few seconds.

    5. Collateral Damage (Ultimate/R): Graves fires an explosive shell in a straight line, dealing damage to all enemies in its path. Enemies hit at close range take increased damage.

    Skill Priority and Playstyle:

    • Skill Priority: Max Q first for increased burst damage and wave clear, followed by E for mobility and attack speed. Max W last as it primarily provides utility.

    • Playstyle: In the early game, focus on farming and harassing with Q. Use Quickdraw to reposition in fights and maximize True Grit stacks. In team fights, position yourself carefully to hit multiple enemies with Collateral Damage while using Smoke Screen to disrupt enemy vision and peel for your team.

    Rune and Item Builds:

    • Runes: Precision is the primary tree for sustained damage, with Fleet Footwork as the keystone for sustainment and mobility. The secondary tree can be Sorcery for additional damage or Domination for burst.

    • Items: Start with Doran's Blade for land sustain. Core items include Infinity Edge for increased critical strike damage, Essence Reaver for cooldown reduction and mana sustain, and Rapid Firecannon for increased range and burst damage. Consider items like Bloodthirster for life and survivability, and Guardian Angel for extra survivability in team fights.

    Combo and Gameplay Tips:

    • Early Game: Harass with Q and farm minions to stack True Grit. Utilize Quickdraw to dodge enemy skill shots or engage/disengage in trades.

    • Mid Game: Look for opportunities to roam and impact other lanes with Collateral Damage. Coordinate with your team to secure objectives like Dragon or Rift Herald.

    • Late Game: Prioritize positioning in team fights to maximize damage output with Collateral Damage. Use Smoke Screen to disrupt enemy carries and peel for your own.

    Recommended Team Compositions:

    1. Engage Composition: Pair Graves with champions like Alistar, Orianna, and Malphite for strong engagement potential and team fight synergy.

    2. Peel Composition: Combine Graves with champions like Janna, Lulu, and Maokai for protection and peel in team fights. Focus on keeping Graves safe while he deals damage from the backline.

    3. Split push Composition: Draft Graves alongside champions like Fiora, Twisted Fate, and Shen for split-pushing pressure. Use Collateral Damage to clear waves and join fights when needed, while applying pressure in side lanes.

    Graves excels in a variety of team compositions due to his versatility and burst damage potential. With the right runes, items, and playstyle, he can dominate all stages of the game and lead his team to victory in the lawless streets of the battlefield.

    Laning Against Morgana:

    Early Game: Against Morgana, be cautious of her Dark Binding (Q) and Tormented Soil (W) abilities, as they can poke and harass you from a distance. Focus on farming safely and avoid standing directly behind low-health minions to minimize the risk of getting hit by her bindings. Use your range advantage to harass her with End of the Line (Q) whenever possible, but be mindful of her Black Shield (E) which can negate your crowd control abilities.

    Mid Game: As the game progresses, Morgana's clarity and utility become more pronounced. Look for opportunities to roam and impact other lanes, as Morgana's lack of mobility makes her susceptible to ganks. Coordinate with your team to set up plays and secure objectives, using your burst damage from Collateral Damage (R) to quickly eliminate priority targets in team fights.

    Late Game: In team fights, position yourself carefully to avoid getting caught by Morgana's bindings. Focus on bursting down squishy targets like Morgana or the enemy ADC with your combination of burst damage and crowd control. Be wary of her Black Shield, as it can nullify your engagement attempts or peel for her carries. Use Smoke Screen (W) strategically to disrupt enemy vision and control zones in team fights.

    Adapting to Different Opponents: Against Morgana, adapt your playstyle based on her build and team composition. If she builds defensively with items like Zhonya's Hourglass, prioritize targets that are not protected by her Black Shield. Coordinate with your team to bait out her Black Shield before committing to an engagement.

    Why Graves is a Popular Pick:

    Graves offers a unique blend of burst damage, mobility, and sustained damage, making him a versatile and exciting pick for players. His strong laning phase, combined with his ability to impact other lanes with his ultimate, makes him a popular choice for players looking to snowball their leads and carry games. Additionally, Graves' high skill ceiling allows for mastery over his mechanics and outplay potential, making him rewarding to play and satisfying to master. But for some players, one of the ways to improve the gaming experience is to find a safe and reliable supplier of league of legends accounts for sale.

    Tips for Playing Graves:

    • Utilize Quickdraw (E) to reposition in fights and dodge skill shots.
    • Use End of the Line (Q) to poke enemies in the lane and set up combos.
    • Coordinate with your team to maximize the impact of Collateral Damage (R) in team fights.
    • Position yourself carefully in team fights to avoid getting caught by crowd control and maximize damage output.

    Strengths and Weaknesses of Graves:


    • High burst damage potential with Collateral Damage and End of the Line combo.
    • Strong dueling potential in the early game due to his passive, New Destiny.
    • A versatile playstyle allows for both aggressive engagement and defensive peeling.
    • Can impact other lanes with his ultimate, Collateral Damage.


    • Reliant on hitting skill shots for maximum effectiveness.
    • Vulnerable to crowd control and kiting from ranged champions.
    • Lack of sustain outside of lifestyle items.


    Graves' combination of burst damage, mobility, and sustained damage makes him a formidable force on the Rift. By understanding his strengths and weaknesses, adapting your play style to different matchups, and mastering his abilities, you can become a dominant force in the lawless streets of Summoner's Rift. Whether you're looking to carry games with aggressive plays or peel for your team's carries, Graves offers a thrilling and rewarding experience for players of all skill levels.