Unforgiven Blade: The Legend of Yasuo

  • Yasuo, once a respected swordsman in Ionia, became an outcast after being wrongly accused of murdering his master. Forced to wander, he sought to clear his name and find the true culprit. Along his journey, he discovered that the real murderer was his fellow disciple, a former friend. Driven by vengeance, Yasuo now relentlessly pursues the one who betrayed him. When you embark on your journey, mmowow items can lend a helping hand when you need help.

    Hero Positioning and Skill Introduction:

    Positioning: Yasuo is a melee AD assassin in League of Legends, known for high burst damage and mobility.

    Skill Introduction:

    1. Steel Tempest (Q): Yasuo thrusts forward with his sword, dealing damage in a line. Successfully hitting an enemy with Steel Tempest generates a stack, and at two stacks, Yasuo unleashes a tornado that knocks up enemies.

    2. Wind Wall (W): Yasuo creates a wall of wind that blocks enemy projectiles, protecting himself and his team.

    3. Sweeping Blade (E): Yasuo dashes through a target enemy, dealing damage and marking them. Each cast of Sweeping Blade increases Yasuo's attack speed.

    4. Last Breath (R): Yasuo suspends all airborne enemies in the air around him and deals damage upon landing. This ability is usually activated after hitting enemies with his Steel Tempest.

    Gameplay and Skill Point Allocation:

    Skill Point Allocation:

    • Level 1: Q
    • Level 2: E
    • Level 3: Q
    • Max Q first for damage and poke in the laning phase.
    • Max E second for increased mobility and damage output.
    • Max W last as it is mainly used for defense.


    • Early Game: Prioritize poking enemies with Q while farming. Use E to dash to enemy champions for trades, but be cautious of enemy jungle ganks.

    • Mid Game: Look for opportunities to roam and pick off isolated enemies. Use your mobility with E to maneuver around fights and engage/disengage when necessary.

    • Late Game: Yasuo's strength shines in team fights. Use your ultimate to capitalize on knock-ups from your allies and deal massive AoE damage with Last Breath.

    Rune Suggestions and Analysis:

    Primary Runes - Precision Tree:

    • Conqueror: Provides increased damage and sustain in extended fights, synergizing well with Yasuo's playstyle of prolonged engagements.
    • Triumph: Grants healing and bonus gold on takedowns, enhancing Yasuo's survivability and snowball potential.
    • Legend: Alacrity: Increases attack speed with each takedown, allowing Yasuo to stack his Q faster and improve his overall DPS.
    • Coup de Grace: Deals bonus damage to low-health enemies, helping Yasuo secure kills in team fights.

    Secondary Runes - Resolve Tree:

    • Bone Plating: Reduces incoming damage from enemy champions, increasing Yasuo's survivability in trades and skirmishes.
    • Second Wind: Provides health regeneration when taking damage from enemy champions, further bolstering Yasuo's sustain in lane.

    Recommended Build:

    Starting Items:

    • Doran's Blade + Health Potion

    Core Items:

    • Berserker's Greaves: Provides increased attack speed for faster stacking of Q and more DPS.
    • Phantom Dancer: Grants increased attack speed, critical strike chance, and a shield that protects Yasuo when low on health.
    • Infinity Edge: Boosts Yasuo's critical strike damage, making his Q and auto attacks hit harder.

    Offensive Items:

    • Bloodthirster: Offers lifestyle and a shield, allowing Yasuo to sustain in fights and survive burst damage.
    • Guardian Angel: Provides a second life in team fights, allowing Yasuo to continue dealing damage after resurrection.

    Defensive Items:

    • Randuin's Omen: Reduces damage taken from critical strikes and slows down enemy attack speed.
    • Sterak's Gage: Provides a shield when taking significant damage, increasing Yasuo's survivability in fights.

    Early, Mid, and Late Game Combo and Playstyle:

    Early Game Combo:

    • E-Q: Dash to the enemy with E, then follow up with Q for poke and damage.

    Mid Game Combo:

    • E-Q (stack Q) - Flash - R: Stack Q, then use Flash to engage multiple enemies and cast R to knock them up and deal damage.

    Late Game Combo:

    • Knock up from teammate - R: Wait for a teammate to knock up enemies, then follow up with R for a devastating AoE knock-up and damage.

    Team Composition Recommendations:

    1. Hard Engage Composition:

      • Top: Malphite
      • Jungle: Sejuani
      • Mid: Yasuo
      • ADC: Miss Fortune
      • Support: Leona
    2. Split Push/Farm Composition:

      • Top: Nasus
      • Jungle: Master Yi
      • Mid: Yasuo
      • ADC: Jinx
      • Support: Nami
    3. Individual Skill Composition:

      • Top: Fiora
      • Jungle: Lee Sin
      • Mid: Yasuo
      • ADC: Lucian
      • Support: Thresh

    Each composition should utilize Yasuo's strong team fight presence and ability

    Against Garen:

    Early Game: In the early game against Garen, you need to be cautious and avoid extended trades due to his high sustain and damage with his Q and E abilities. Focus on farming safely and harassing him whenever possible. Keep your distance and use your ranged abilities to poke him down, as Garen lacks ranged abilities to retaliate effectively.

    Mid-Game: As the game progresses into the mid-game, Garen becomes tackier and more threatening. Keep an eye on his build and adjust yours accordingly. You should look for opportunities to roam and impact other lanes while keeping Garen occupied in the top lane. Try to coordinate with your team for objectives and skirmishes to avoid prolonged 1v1 engagements with Garen, as he excels in these situations.

    Late Game: In the late game, Garen becomes a frontline tank with considerable damage. Your goal is to either avoid him in team fights and focus on squishier targets or coordinate with your team to burst him down quickly. Peel for your carries and use your mobility to stay out of Garen's range while dealing damage from a safe distance. Be cautious of his ability to silence and execute low-health targets with his ultimate. But for some players, one of the ways to improve the gaming experience is to find a safe and reliable supplier of lol buy accounts.

    Handling Different Engage Styles:

    • Hard Engage (e.g., Malphite, Alistar): Position yourself carefully and be ready to use your mobility to dodge their engages. Focus on kiting and dealing damage to their backline while they engage on your team.

    • Poke and Disengage (e.g., Xerath, Lux): Stay behind your minions and use your wind wall to block their poke abilities. Look for opportunities to engage when they are low on mana or cooldowns.

    Why Yasuo is Suitable for Players and a Popular Pick:

    Reasons for Yasuo's Popularity:

    1. High Skill Ceiling: Yasuo's kit offers a high skill ceiling, allowing skilled players to showcase their mechanical prowess with his fluid combos and outplay potential.

    2. Versatility: Yasuo can be played in multiple roles, including mid and top lane, offering flexibility in team compositions and strategies.

    3. High Reward for Skillful Play: Successfully landing key abilities and combos with Yasuo can result in high burst damage and crowd control, making him rewarding to master.

    Yasuo's Attributes and Gameplay Feel:

    • Yasuo's mobility and burst damage give players a sense of agility and power as they weave in and out of fights.

    • His wind-based abilities and fluid combos provide a unique and satisfying gameplay experience for players who enjoy mechanical champions.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Yasuo:


    • High damage potential, especially with critical strike builds.
    • Strong mobility with Sweeping Blade (E) and Last Breath (R).
    • Wind Wall (W) provides excellent utility and can negate crucial enemy abilities.
    • Can snowball games quickly with early kills and objectives.


    • High skill cap, requiring precise timing and decision-making to maximize effectiveness.
    • Vulnerable to crowd control and burst damage, especially when caught out of position.
    • Reliant on itemization and team composition to reach full potential.
    • Can struggle in matchups against ranged and poke-heavy champions.

    Tips for Playing Yasuo:

    1. Master Your Combos: Practice Yasuo's combos in training mode or against bots to familiarize yourself with his mechanics and maximize your damage output.

    2. Manage Your Flow: Keep track of your Flow (passive shield) and use it to mitigate incoming damage during trades and skirmishes.

    3. Use Wind Wall Wisely: Save your Wind Wall for crucial moments in team fights, such as blocking high-damage skill shots or ultimates.

    4. Positioning is Key: Position yourself effectively in team fights, using your mobility to dive onto priority targets while avoiding enemy crowd control and damage.


    Yasuo is a versatile and dynamic champion with a high skill ceiling and the potential to carry games in the right hands. His fluid combos, mobility, and high damage output make him a popular pick among players who enjoy mechanically intensive champions. However, mastering Yasuo requires practice and patience due to his reliance on precise execution and decision-making. With dedication and game knowledge, players can unlock Yasuo's full potential and become a force to be reckoned with on the Rift.