Path Of Exile: 5 Reasons Why Delirium League Is Bad

  • 5 Bad: Ground Effects
    In order to solve the clearance speed problem associated with previous leagues, the deli provides many ground effects that monsters generate when they attack or die.
    In theory, players are encouraged to move and create a sense of crisis for speed. Because fog continues to appear at almost every level, it is difficult for players to discern whether the ground is safe until it is too late, resulting in many frustrating deaths in the league. Since fog sometimes weakens the player's movement speed, these effects become more difficult to deal with.

    4 Bad: The Simulacrum
    In "Path Of Exile" forward mapping, wave-based tasks are rare. With strong player abilities, there is a persistent task that can push your build to the limit.
    However, the endurance task comes down to fighting in the arena, which is never suitable for fighting enemies with a higher health than Path Of Exile's end game Atlas boss. The player enters a random Act center city and fights one of the twenty waves of weird mobs. Each wave is more difficult than the last wave, and even reaches ridiculous difficulty. And the boss can immediately kill the most awkward player while absorbing millions of injuries per second. The reward is also random, and the cost of this encounter is 300 fragments, which requires dozens of maps to get. Fortunately, you can Buy POE Currency through IGGM, which can save you a lot of time when gathering maps.

    3 Bad: Boss Fights
    Every enemy in Path Of Exile is affected by Delirium's smoke technician. While in it, the enemy has additional modifiers, which will make them afraid of fighting in exchange for more loot.
    These expand to the boss battle of the game, or should be expanded. In practice, before you have a chance to kill a Delirious boss, Delirium's mist will roll over, removing their extra modifiers and loot rewards. When in the battle of the leader with immunity, this game experience is even worse.

    2 Bad: Mirror Spawns
    In order to start a delirious encounter, you need to find a mirror and walk through the mirror to create fog. The problem is that the mirror can be generated anywhere on the map.
    This may lead to a treasure hunt game where players are looking for mirrors to maximize the reward of fog. To make matters worse, in some cases, the mirror will block the corridor leading to the boss or the exit. In some cases, the building that hopes to skip the alliance mechanism will not be realized. The generation of the mirror should be close to the generation point of the player, not randomly generated around the map.

    1 Bad: Performance
    Since "Breach league", almost every update has degraded the performance of "Path Of Exile". In the Delirium League, the game reached a stable breakthrough point.
    The map is often confused due to loading assets or poor connection to the server. With the latest patch, the problem cannot be completely solved. Certain ground and particle effects will not be rendered, resulting in unfair deaths beyond the player's control. Fortunately, there are many types of alliances. Players can choose to play in the best match with themselves. At the same time, if you buy POE Currency , you can enhance your game experience and make it easy for you to pass the game.