Will Lamar Jackson be used as the cover on the cover of Madden

  • Lamar Jackson is Madden's 24th-quarter quartile and defending the most valuable player in the NFL. I have to say that he is a well-deserved MVP. In just 9 months, Lamar Jackson became a new face of popular video games and was very popular with fans. On Tuesday, it was also unexpectedly announced that it will be the cover of Madden NFL 21.
    Lamar Jackson showed in a video connection with Baltimore reporters that this is his dream from childhood to big, and for him, it means a lot. Standing in front of it, this is a dream come true. The Baltimore Ravens star said that Patrick Mahomes was at the forefront and he won the MVP, which is well deserved. You can buy various props at https://www.mmospt.com/madden-21-coins
    Although EA Sports has not yet indicated that Lamar Jackson will be on the cover, EA Sports seems to confirm his announcement on Twitter. In Jackson's second NFL season, he also became the first player in NFL league history to pass more than 3000 yards and rush over 1,000 yards in a single season. At just 23 years old, he became the third youngest MVP in the league. And only the Hall of Fame player Jim Brown is younger than Jackson. He was also named the NFL MVP in 1957 and 1958.
    It has to be said that not many people have followed him before this, even Madden's manufacturer. Last season, his overall score was only 76 points, tied for 24th in the quarterback rankings. It can be said that this result is not outstanding. But at the end of the season, Jackson received an impressive 92 rating and a 96 speed rating. It is even more than Michael Vick and the fastest player in the quarterback, which is unbelievable.
    Lamar Jackson stated that his goal for next season is to make free throws and to strengthen his understanding of the game. He doesn't care how many balls will help the Ravens win next season, but he will pass the ball to more people because he believes that they have a lot of excellent defenders.