Rocket League has had crossover content with all sorts

  • The Fan Pack Pack does not virtually hold any surprises, judging from the trailer above. It's Rocket League, however with with sleek F1 motors. You can also count on to Rocket League Credits look extra of a collaboration between the game and F1 over the following few years, in step with developer Psyonix.

    Rocket League has had crossover content with all sorts of iconic cars and residences, but brand new trendy collaboration is a large one. Formula 1 is bringing its world famous vehicle to the ever-famous multiplayer sport with the Formula 1 Fan Pack.

    Rocket League is probably my favorite video game I’m absolutely the worst at, and I’m resigned to the fact that’ll in no way alternate. It’s pleasant, I’ve familiar my awfulness. But it’s this profound loss of skill that’s in large part saved me from investing in the sport or indulging myself in its mountains of downloadable content material. That’s possibly going to change soon although, now that the 2021 Formula 1 grid can be available to buy starting May 20.