He also supplied some hints approximately what is coming

  • He also supplied some hints approximately what’s EFT Roubles coming in Escape from Tarkov’s 12.7 patch, together with a brand new boss NPC known as the Senator (who seemingly can heal himself), and an expansion to the map Customs with the intention to extend the bodily region via “30 or maybe 40 percent.”

    When Battlestate Games ran its final Twitch drop marketing campaign for its lolga.com survival shooter Escape from Tarkov, the game rocketed to the top of the Twitch charts. Players swarmed to channels broadcasting Escape from Tarkov inside the hopes of receiving treasured tools, and it in short made Tarkov the most-watched game on Twitch. Now, Battlestate Games is walking a second Twitch drops marketing campaign, but the rewards can be a piece much less engaging this time around.