The leak become covered with the aid of World of Warcraft

  • The ‘leak’ become covered with the aid of  WOW Classic Boosting World of Warcraft streamer and YouTuber ‘Staysafe’, who claims that multiple assets have showed that this new facts is indeed authentic. You’ll find the new video detailing the leak down underneath:

    The new information originates from a message that the Youtuber obtained on a WoW Classic fan discussion board, and indicates that Blizzard is proceeding to announce the Classic TBC realm in the course of BlizzConline on February 19-20.

    The leak also mentions that a 2.Zero pre-patch is slated for release in April, even though it appears unlikely at this point that Blizzard will release innovative patches for TBC. Instead, it’s more likely that the rumored pre-patch will consist of the abilities and spells brought with patch 2.Four.3 along the brand new Burning campaign races and level 60 arena content.