For people who are familiar with the Animal Crossing franchise

  • If you need to get dressed up in excursion gear, the Animal Crossing Items Nook Shopping Catalog also has a midwinter sweater that features a neat reindeer design at the the front of it. This sweater is a lot less expensive than the Aurora Wall and best charges 1,200 bells. Both of these objects can be found underneath the seasonal tab inside the Nook Shopping Catalog and could most effective be to be had to purchase thru December thirty first.

    For people who are familiar with the Animal Crossing franchise, you understand that Toy Day is likewise on its manner. If you aren’t familiar with Toy Day, that is Animal Crossing’s annual Christmas occasion. In fact, Nooks Cranny has already been promoting festive toys ahead of Toy Day.

    If you head over to the seasonal nook of the store, you may see a cutting-edge toy on display every day until Christmas Day. You by no means understand what different cool objects may be to be had in Animal Crossing: New Horizons so ensure you preserve your eyes peeled on what else is to come.