Animal Crossing New Horizons players will have extra furniture

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons players will have extra furniture to Nook Miles Ticket design their dream city with as the sport keeps to convey more seasonal fixtures. Creating new decorations with DIY recipes is the main theme of this installment, and the advent of colder weather has delivered with it a brand new aid to craft with: snowflakes.

    Making their go back from New Leaf, snowflakes are a crafting aid that represent the approaching of Winter. This seasonal cloth seems each time snow blankets the ground, so that it will constantly be designated as the eleventh of December inside the Northern Hemisphere and eleventh of June within the Southern Hemisphere.

    Or, available yr-round to those willing to time travel. When the snow melts in 2 months, snowflakes will not seem, making them a crafting useful resource with restricted availability. Here’s how to easily catch those cold flakes in New Horizons, and what they're used for.