Practical tips for measuring your QMS according to ISO 9001 Cer

  • Most companies who have a quality management system certified according to ISO 9004 or ISO 9001 Certification in Saudi Arabia are accustomed to performing against set objectives and KPIs, and also demonstrating continual improvement. 


    Why is measurement needed?


    ISO 9001 standard suggests that the organization shall evaluate the performance and the effectiveness of the quality management system. While this is not prescriptive in terms of measuring the quality management system by one true indicator, most top management teams prefer that one true measure is established to ascertain the effectiveness of the system and as well as whether month-on-month improvement and value for money are attained. 


    What measurement fits best?


    Many opinions over the years on how quality is best measured, although with the increase in service industries in recent years this has also become a point of discussion there. Manufacturing organizations traditionally may like to use measures such as “defects per million opportunities,” while a service organization may choose to measure customer satisfaction via a survey. 

    • Customer satisfaction:  

    ISO 9001 Certification in Bangalore standard, and many organizations think the answer over measurement should lie there. We discussed some of the factors that affect this element in the article Main elements of handling customer satisfaction in ISO 9001 standard. 


    • Use one “defining” quality measure: 


    This is particularly useful and prevalent in production-based environments where repeatable processes are used. Measuring test “pass rates,” for example, can give a key indicator of how a process within the quality management system is performing, or devising a DPMO. ISO 9001 your  process captures critical fails before they reach your external customer, can be an effective measure of your quality management system. 



    • Cost of quality:



    ISO 9001 standard many organizations measure the cost of “reworking” products, whether due to design or manufacturing error or oversight. Again, while there is a reactive element to this method, it is undoubtedly a valid measure of how your quality management system works. 

    • Return Material Authorization Rates: 


    This is another common measure of quality management system performance in manufacturing plants. By measuring the rate of returns from customers many organizations deem that the effectiveness of the quality management system is measured. 


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