This is the szmaclight Way of Sunlight Readable LCD TechnologyS

  • In the shadows of the LCD

    Because many of our flat panel display systems and sunlight readable LCD computers are used in uncontrolled lighting environments, we incorporate a number of passive enhancements to ensure that the touchscreen control interface is as easy to use as possible to operate. A special anti-glare coating is applied to the touchscreen's front surface, and the sunlight readable LCD's back and front are both treated with an anti-reflective coating. In addition, a transflective backlight enhancement film has been applied to the sunlight readable LCD. These coatings are designed to match the index of refraction of the glass, which reduces the amount of light that reflects back at the viewer, increasing the contrast ratio and improving overall readability in bright lighting conditions.(See the illustration below.)

    When exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, a standard sunlight readable LCD will become completely black. Design innovations enable the sunlight readable LCD to function properly even when exposed to direct sunlight. The use of these special coatings, films, and filters allows the unit to be read in direct sunlight without the use of additional backlights or illumination. It is possible to achieve 1000+ nit equivalent viewing without the additional power consumption and heat generation associated with additional backlights. As a result, our flat panel display systems have a longer life, better processor performance, and a wider operating temperature range than their competitors.


    Then we integrate our improved backlight technology, which improves the overall luminance performance of the 's light source by approximately 30%. szmaclight achieves its brightness through the use of both LED and CCFL backlighting. LED backlighting produces an equally bright  display as CCFL backlighting, but with significantly lower power consumption and without the increased heat typically associated with higher wattage CCFL backlights (szmaclight Backlight Enhancement Technology). A common limitation of standard color LCDs is their inability to provide sufficient luminance for viewing in bright outdoor environments, which results in poor image quality. A significant increase in brightness is achieved by using szmaclight's high brightness  monitors and computers, resulting in unrivaled picture sharpness and contrast ratio. Our high-performance products are ideal for use in any high-ambient-light environment, and they will provide you with the intensity and brilliance that your application requires without sacrificing performance.

    Contrast has been improved. Perception occurs more quickly. Increased performance.

    By specifying an optically bonded TFT display from szmaclight, you can improve the readability-at-a-glance capability of TFT AMLCD displays. To meet your human interface requirements, combine LED backlight enhancement with optical coatings or touchscreens to achieve the best possible result. In addition to proven quality systems, an extensive in-house optical test verification capability, a certified clean room, and other environmental controls, szmaclight's optical bonding facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

    Several advantages include: • Improves contrast by eliminating mismatched reflective layers • Improves readability without increasing backlight wattage • Strengthens the overall integrity of the  • Eliminates the "Greenhouse" effect and makes the display isotropic • Optical coatings reduce specular and diffuse reflections • Less power is required for battery-powered devices while achieving excellent readability • Certified clean room and environmental controls

    Standard sunlight readable LCD displays are adequate for the vast majority of indoor applications, but they are challenged in outdoor, rugged, or extreme environmental applications, among other things. Commercial displays are almost completely ineffective for these applications. Making the display washout less visible or making the display brighter are the options available; in some cases, both options are available. This is an extreme market and application for the OEM display manufacturers, who are not focused on sunlight readable LCD. This is where szmaclight can be of assistance to the display client. In outdoor or rudded environments, szmaclight's line of high performance optically bonded displays is an excellent choice for those who demand the best performance possible.


    The high brightness solution is to use an LED light bar in place of a CCFL as the backlight source, which is then combined with optic films, advanced reflection patterns design on the light guide bottom, and special radiation technology to produce a high brightness and low power backlight source that is both bright and efficient. The brightness of the screen is important because it has an impact on readability. The high-brightness solution improves visibility during the day and at night, and it is an excellent choice for those who need to read in the sunlight. ATMs, in-vehicle satellite television, telephone booths, and outdoor displays are just a few examples of related applications.