10 new soundtracks and a team of TIDALENT's curated songs

  • UnitedMovers has teamed up with NBA 2K21 for upcoming artists in a new means of increasing the soundtrack of the game. Elevating into the corporate atmosphere was obviously stifled when 13,000 submitted songs failed to make the final cut and are iconic names like Jadakals, Beatz 'N Taz, Ronnie 2K, and Tay Keith were rejected.

    A selection of the NBA 2K21's latest roster of twenty songs will be incorporated into the game via a future patch. This is a list of the songs that made the final selection:

    • Delly Everyday - Same Game (Phoenix, AZ)
    • Caleb Isaiah - Legend (Grayslake, IL)
    • Scotty Valid - UP (Covington, GA)
    • Jupiter Ki - $20Mill (Portland, OR)
    • Zane Smith - 24 Hours (Lithonia, GA)
    • Kayo Porter - Never Miss (Jackson, TN)
    • Smoovebeendidit - Hands Tied (Yonkers, NY)
    • Skippa Da Flippa - Win Again (Davie, FL)
    • Caash - Left Knee (Irving, TX)
    • A1 Illa - Elevating (London, England)