Passive Harmonic Filter valuable When Equipment Fails

  • Passive Harmonic Filter

    Unlike an active harmonic filter which comes in small ratings, the shunt passive harmonic filters are both of low and high powered specifications. Besides, it's flexible for any input voltage design covering the complete working voltage range of plant equipment from as low as 120 volts to 36 kV. It enhances the plant's 3P, power, productivity and profitability by manifold. We manufacture the most valued passive harmonic filter of type Super Tuned which is a top-end custom-built product.

    Unlike the ineffective series passive harmonic filter, the highly effective passive harmonic filters are always parallel type harmonic filter. It eliminates load generated harmonics by drawing them towards it creating a short circuit path, and then absorbing harmonic within it. It thus eliminates the need for equipment derating even with extreme harmonic distortions and allows plant operation at a hundred percentage loading for all plant machinery.

    Why a Passive Harmonic Filter is an extraordinary troubleshooter?

    1. It alters the dynamics of the harmonic flow by creating a Short-Circuit path for the flow of harmonic frequencies like 250hz for 5th harmonic etc.

    Passive Harmonic Filter, working principle Passive Harmonic Filter - Working Principle

    2. The load harmonics now, instead of getting absorbed in the downstream loads, are diverted as soon as it’s produced through this short-circuit path into the filter, thus solving equipment failures, tripping, and malfunctions. It allows only a small harmonics within a limit over to the grid, meeting the IEEE 519 harmonic standard, for both voltage and current harmonics.

    3. Besides, it's a stored energy LC power bank which will oppose any momentary change in voltage fluctuation, either sag or swell and power surge which may originate either within the plant or outside in the grid. A passive harmonic filter is an indispensable tool in eliminating nuisance tripping of critical plant equipment - process drives, control system, computers, server to name a few.

    4. By relieving the downstream equipment from the burden of harmonic absorption, it eliminates the need for costly de-rating saving CAPEX and equipment footprint cost.   

    5. It saves OPEX cost in the manifold. Firstly, it eliminates harmonics naturally and allows full load plant operation sustainably. Secondly, it troubleshoots failures and thirdly it enhances energy efficiency.

    6. The harmonious operation with the optimum power quality results in lesser end-product quality rejections which we have tracked up to 50% savings on Six-Sigma Scale.

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