Path of Exile or Diablo 3 which is more fun?

  • From an objective point of view, both are fun. As a game that has survived and developed under the market elimination mechanism, both must have fun points. So instead of asking if it's fun or not, it's better to ask if it's right for you. Only if it's right for you, you will find it fun, right. As an old core player who has played games for more than 20 years, experienced thousands of games and worked in the game industry, I can tell you very responsibly that Path of Exile and Diablo 3 are both true Diablo 2 sequels. One is a spiritual sequel, and the other is an official sequel. However, these two games have inherited completely different cores of Diablo II. Path of Exile inherited the complex and deep parts of Diablo 2, while Big Pineapple 3 inherited the concise and smooth parts of Diablo 2.


    Blizzard is a very market-oriented R&D company. They were aware of the fast-food trend in the game industry early on, so when they developed Diablo 3, they hid (non-deleted) all the complicated parts of Diablo 2, so players are experiencing Diablo At 3, it’s easier. You don’t need to know too much about the game’s damage calculation formula, the meaning of various affixes and how to match them. The core of this game is around one word, which is "cool". Players who play Diablo are just a cool picture. , They repeatedly brush equipment, just to fight monsters more cool. In modern life, the pressure of work and study is inherently great. If you can have a game that will refresh you for a while, the value of this game has already been reflected. We really don’t need to criticize it for not being satisfactory here, and we can do better there. .


    The Path of Exile is different. Keeping players cool is not the core priority of the R&D team of Path of Exile Exalted Orb. What they consider more is to return to the true nature of "Diablo 2", which is the essence of the game. Playfulness. They chose a different path from Blizzard. In recent years, whether Blizzard’s games are Big Pineapple 3 or Big Butt, their creative concepts are different from those of Blizzard’s earlier works such as "World of Warcraft" and "StarCraft". From the perspective of World of Warcraft, The early World of Warcraft had many anti-human designs in the design of missions or skills, which made the entire game process upgrade route very complicated but also very diverse. In recent years, such missions or skills have not appeared again. This is because Blizzard changed Its game development philosophy is that they are now developing games more to serve players. In the early days, they developed games, which is a real service game. This change will happen, you can understand it as a compromise to the market.


    The R&D team of Path of Exile, they chose to serve games, so in my opinion, they are more like dark lovers than game developers. Therefore, they are simply a clear stream in the modern game development industry.


    Finally, make a summary:


    "Diablo 3" is suitable for players who don't have much spare time and don't want to waste too much research and investment in the game, but want to find a refreshing and recreational time in the game.


    "Road of Exile" is suitable for players who are willing to spend time to study the game, are willing to learn damage calculation formulas, are willing to invest energy in thinking about the income and loss of each affix, and are willing to try more possibilities. I believe this game will definitely be able to Surprise you.


    Finally, I very much despise the players who talk about the screen. This can only show that your understanding of the game is only on the visual level. You don’t know at all. You can buy cheap poe currency on In the development process of many games, changing a set of skins and IDs will be regarded as another one. Selling games, how common this kind of thing is in the gaming world. If you want to really understand the game, at least you have to jump out of the skin to see the inner core. Only then can you truly discover that you have wasted so much youth in such boring games before.