Path of Exile S15 season witch element wasteland reclamation sk

  • This season, the damage dealt by the conviction wave skill has been increased, but the skill's resistance to monsters has been reduced. I also use this skill to open up wasteland, and the conviction wave has the added benefit of reducing the resistance of monsters. Despite the fact that this season has been shortened, it is still for newcomers. Physical damage dealt by BOSS at levels 1 and 20 has been increased poe currency. The skill combination is primarily based on dealing fire damage. Here are a few examples of regular combinations:

    Conviction Wave + Range Expansion + Chance to Ignite + Hit to Restore Health
    Conviction Wave + Cast Echo + Flammable + Vaal Fire of Justice Barrage + release on critical + conviction wave + purifying flames

    The most cost-effective aspect of the conviction wave is that the elements keep the cost low. I'm not sure where the low point is. Please feel free to add. Then there's the golem. The time required to stab the Corrupted Golem has been increased to 6 seconds, and the total damage has been reduced by 11%. After the damage done by the Corrupted Golem has been reduced, the damage done by the Boulder Golem is approximately the same as the damage done by the Corruption. Two golems can be used in conjunction with one another. The following golem skill combinations are available: Boulder Golem + Melee Physics + Multiple Strikes + Ending + Paralysis + Brutality, as well as a Lightning Golem to increase attack power and release speed.

    This season, the Wrath Aura's ability to cause additional fire damage has been enhanced. It is highly recommended that it be used in conjunction with the Wall of Flames. The three-phase support of additional physical damage poe orbs is required to initiate the rage. This season, as a result of the recommendation of the UP owner, the prices of the corresponding gems and equipment have skyrocketed as well. Wall + Element Concentration + Effectiveness + CastingEcho, this is the combination that the editor himself uses, and while the damage of the fire system is not as good as the damage of the electric system, it is worse than the damage stability.

    The following is the recommended regular match of electric arc skills: arc + cast reverb + element concentration + precision + additional lightning damage + lightning penetration. After level 70, it will be replaced by an electric tower trap with lightning penetration and increased critical strike, as well as Xunjie. Make use of the halo, and you can also connect to the spell totem in order to defeat the BOSS. Why not make use of ice mile? It is not recommended due to the low likelihood of damage and the high cost associated with it. You can use frost pulse, frost burst, and other similar effects in the first three chapters of wasteland reclamation.

    The final option is a combination of spirit body and magic guard skill: summon spirit body + cast echo + summon creature life + effectiveness. Demon Guard's Resurrection + Summoning Creature Life + Soul Consecration + Flesh Shield = a powerful combination.

    According to the results of the test, the total damage of the giant stone golem and the corrupted golem is not significantly different, and the attack probability of the giant stone golem is increased, so every four chapters buy poe currency of the golem can choose the giant stone golem to open up wasteland. The recommended skills in Chapters 1 to 3 use Frost Pulse and Holy Flame Totem to fight BOSSes, as well as Frost Burst, but in the fourth chapter, please change the skills because Frost Burst also reduces the range of attacks, and in the fourth chapter, even the mobs are unable to be killed. The skill combination of Corruption Golem is similar to that of Boulder; depending on which golem the player uses to attack damage, it will be combined with multiple strikes and melee combat, while the other golem will use termination + paralysis. After these two golems have been matched with equipment, they can be used until T14. Because of the main fire damage, the talent skill points should also be the first to point out the breath of fire and the sacred fire.