NBA 2k22 attempts truly to leave from the dull interactivity

  • The rapper, producer and singer-songwriter's debut entry into the world of basketball came when he produced the soundtrack to NBA star Kevin Durant's documentary Basketball County NBA 2K Coins: In The Water in the year 2020. Beyond this Maryland connection, it's appropriate to compare the career of IDK to Durant's. Durant endured a lot of challenges before he got to where that he is today.

    From being in prison at 17 and facing an 80-year jail sentence for armed burglary before deciding to transition into music and earn an impressive name for himself in the music industry, IDK's story has been pretty incredible. Now, aged 29 and with an impressive catalog of albums to his name, IDK boasts plenty of accolades and has collaborated with some of the top artists, from the late DMX from the legendary DMX to Tyler.

    The Creator Young Thug and Burna Boy. The content of IDK, although fitting perfectly into today's music landscape of trap and melodies, is conscious, and not afraid to explore difficult subjects such as dealing with religion and past traumas, to how the political landscape feels to him as being a Black guy in America.

    In the wake of his album for 2021 USEE4URSELF the singer finds himself on the court again, this time with his latest single, which is an element of NBA 2K22 soundtrack. We spoke to IDK to discuss the dichotomy between ballers and rappers Cheap NBA 2K22 MT, being a London child living out the American dream and what he enjoys most about the NBA 2K franchise.