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  • Are you disappointed to hear that Brady will likely not be playing Madden with the upcoming entry Madden nfl 22 coins? Tell me your thoughts on this announcement either in the comments section or on Twitter , @MooreMan12.

    If you'd like to know the reactions that some Madden players have had with respect to Brady's retirement make sure to read on down below. (NEXSTAR) The sealed replica of 1990's Sega Genesis game "John Madden Football" was sold for an unprecedented price, proving that the coach and broadcasting legend may be the godfather of sports video games.

    In a video games auction that ran over two days last month, the copy that was "John Madden Football" sold for $480,000. This price, which is a lot over what the original video game's cost originally, set a world record for highest price ever paid for a sports video game, as per Heritage Auctions.

    "This unique copy unusual because it's coming from the offices of its famous namesake," the auction house notes. A portion of the auction goes to Heritage Auctions to a charitable foundation that was established in the honor of Madden.

    Madden passed away in late December, at the age of 85. The John Madden Football video game franchise earned more than $7 billion in sales, per the New York Times buy mut coins. The show began in 1988, and then renamed to just "Madden." NFL Network even had a series dedicated to the video game "Madden NFL Live." It has become the second highest-rated sports video game ever created, trailing only the soccer-based series FIFA.