We've always been able to find it to be the RuneScape crowd

  • Most importantly it's an opportunity to be proud of that humble beginning RS Gold. The gaming industry may seem to be a sexy and disgusting place in certain instances (because it is often), but at the heart of it all, there are passionate developers with experiences they'd like to impart to us.

    So many of us are blessed with wonderful childhood memories playing around Gielinor in the midst of the forest, not because a large company sold us something, but because three brothers were driven, along with their parents, who believed in them. It's the kind of people like them that we should be grateful to for the memories, not the high-ups over at Amazon as well as Activision Blizzard.

    Steamforged Games have announced a partnership with creator Jagex for the purpose of bringing RuneScape to tabletops later this year. The MMORPG will receive not just one, but two new tablestop versions: a game board game, and a tabletop role playing game. The board game will be available on Kickstarter at some point in the year and the tabletop version will go straight to retailers.

    The games will draw an inspiration from the world of fantasy in RuneScape, Gielinor. They will utilize the characters as well as the adventures and locations of the MMORPG has made famous throughout its lengthy time runescape 3 gold. The board game can send up to five players on a campaign based on quests across the vast lands of Gielinor.