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  • Do you get it difficult to prepare an excellent chemical engineering CDR report for the skill assessment? Do not think much about it. Here you will get to know about the procedure of making a CDR for Chemical Engineer (ANZSCO: 233111). A CDR stands for competency demonstration report, as the name suggests, it decodes one's engineering abilities and knowledge in the nominated occupation. The problem starts when it comes to preparing a CDR report for Engineers Australia. The approval for your Australian immigration totally depends on the effectiveness of your CDR report. So, it is essential for you to compose your CDR expertly conforming to all the norms and procedures published by Engineers Australia.

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    The process of composing an EA-acceptable CDR report­­­­­­­ ­-

    It is not a child's play to prepare an EA-acceptable CDR for Chemical Engineers (ANZSCO: 233111). You need to devote adequate time and lots of effort, and acquire knowledge for the preparation of a high-quality CDR Australia report. Our CDR Writers team suggests you some tips and by following them you can create an impeccable and plagiarism-free CDR as per the MSA.

    • Go to the Engineers Australia site and download the latest MSA booklet and read it thoroughly to be aware of the guidelines and procedures of EA.
    • First, nominate your preferred occupational category to demonstrate your engineering competence.
    • Write your CDR in your own words and in the English language (Australian Standard English).
    • You must provide the English language competency as the assessor also assesses your communicational skills.
    • Provide a CPD in a table format, write three career episodes focusing on distinct aspects of your engineering activity, and prepare a summary statement to highlight your competency elements.
    • If you base your career episodes on your work experience, you must provide evidence of employment.
    • Remember, keep your document free from grammatical errors and should be 100% original to ensure your immigration.


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