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  • Institute of Engineers in Papua New Guinea (IEPNG) conducts a competency-based assessment to assess candidates' educational qualifications accredited with Washington Accord and if not then based on the evidence of work experience an assessment is done to determine if they are able and competent to perform complex engineering task. IEPNG conducts an assessment to assess the key area of applicants such as Engineering knowledge and competence in accordance with accepted standards and ethics. This assessment ensures that engineering is practiced and upgrading and constant development of relevant skills is provided as a set benchmark. In accordance with the competency-based assessment method, candidates are required to participate in conferences, training, courses, and workshops and write papers to constantly upgrade themselves.

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    Different Types Of CBA To Register IEPNG

    There are three types of competency-based assessments to register IEPNG:

    • Evidence-based: It is a process that meets evidence of competency against standards.
    • Criterion-referenced: This assessment means an individual is assessed against an industry standard, or a set of criteria to establish competency.
    • Participatory process: It involves the candidates and assessor discussing what and how evidence will be collected to judge competency against the standards.

    Duties Of Professional Engineers In IEPNG Papua New Guinea

    • Design or come up with solutions to complex engineering problems along with well professional engineering practice
    • Research and analyze relevant information utilizing qualitative and quantitative techniques.
    • Plan, organize, schedule, and monitors the advancement of projects or events activities to give desired and specified outcomes timely
    • Accept all the responsibilities for their engineering activities
    • Comprehend the ethical codes of IEPNG and CPEng
    • Develop empathy and make active use of listening skills when communicating with others
    • Identify, understand and implement applicable engineering knowledge
    • Comprehend and follows the requirements of engineering in the jurisdiction in which they work.

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