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  • Framing a CDR for Engineers Australia is mandatory when it comes to getting engineering job opportunities in Australia. It is compulsory for civil engineers to go through a migration skills assessment if they want their Australian immigration. A CDR stands for competency demonstration report, which is a technical report. Through a CDR Report For Civil Engineer, you need to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in the nominated occupation. The Engineers Australia team assesses your document to find out the required competency elements in the nominated occupation. To ensure your successful migration skills assessment, you need to prepare a compelling CDR report.

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    Follow The Below Steps To Successfully Lodge Your CDR To Engineers Australia-

    It is not child's play to prepare a compelling CDR For Australia. To get Engineers Australia's attention, you need to prepare an impressive report with 100% originality. You should follow the below steps to lodge your CDR application perfectly:

    • First, and foremost you need to keep all your personal documentation ready such as prime ID, a passport-size photograph, a name change document, a resume, and an English language test result.
    • You should nominate your preferred occupational categories such as professional engineer, engineering technologist, engineering manager, and engineering associate. 
    • Prepare your academic certificates, official transcripts, and other relevant documentation.
    • If your career episodes are based on engineering experience, you must provide evidence of employment.
    • Prepare your CPD statement, career episodes, and summary statement to be eligible for skills assessment. 

    How Can You Avoid EA's Rejection?

    If you want your Australia immigration as a civil engineer, you need to prepare a compelling CDR that can grab EA's attention for a successful skill assessment. You need to keep some points in mind to avoid EA's rejection such as:

    • Write your CDR report in an organized way and in perspicuous language following the Australian Standard English.
    • Follow all the guidelines provided in an MSA booklet to get aware of the procedure and pattern.
    • Make your document 100% original and errorless as EA strictly prohibits plagiarism.
    • Number each career episode and the paragraphs within so that you can construct your summary statement perfectly. 

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