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  • A CDR is an engineering document, which is required by Engineers Australia to make a decision on your migration to Australia. If you are an agricultural engineer, you will have to write a CDR Report For Agricultural Engineer. A CDR requires you to put in the application of your engineering knowledge and experience in the nominated occupational category. It is Engineers Australia (EA), an assessing body that assesses your competency element. If you want to get approved by EA for skilled Australian immigration then you need to catch EA's attention for successful assessment through a CDR. A CDR comprises three elements that are a CPD, career episodes, and a summary statement. 

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    What Are The Job Responsibilities Of Agricultural Engineers In Australia?

    Agricultural Engineers in Australia have to undertake several day-to-day responsibilities. Some of the significant job descriptions of agricultural engineers are given below:

    • Study operating requirements for multiple agricultural machinery, structures, and equipment, and indulge in research and development work.
    • Design machinery, structure, and equipment and prepare drawings as well as other specifications indicating materials to be used and methods of manufacture. 
    • Supervise manufacture or construction and installation of structures and equipment and test completed work to ensure adherence to specifications and safety standards.
    • Advise associates, employers, or clients on agricultural engineering matters and consult with other specialists. 


    How Can You Ensure Your 100% Successful Skills Assessment Through A CDR?

    To succeed in EA's skills assessment, you will have to prepare an impressive document that can meet Engineers Australia's requirements. First, you need to attain complete information regarding the formation of a successful CDR For Australia. You must read the MSA booklet published by EA to get CDR-related information. After that, you should follow the below steps:

    • Nominate your preferred occupational category to demonstrate your competencies.
    • Select three appropriate projects to interpret later in the career episodes. 
    • Prepare all your personal documentation, academic certificates, and required evidence.
    • Start writing your CDR from CPD, then three career episodes, and in the end a summary statement. 
    • Write your CPD in a table format containing the title, date, duration, location, and organizer. 
    • You need to write each career episode focusing on different aspects of your engineering activities. 
    • Keep your reports away from plagiarism as EA strictly prohibits plagiarism. 


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