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  • If you are an environmental engineer and seeking job opportunities in Australia then you must prepare CDR Report For Environmental Engineer - Engineers Australia Skill Assessment. You need to go through a migration skills assessment to get a migration visa to Australia. Engineer Australia (EA) is the assessor who assesses the documents to find the required competency elements in the nominated occupation in order to select suitable candidates. However, creating an impactful CDR is not child's play as it often puts students in trouble.

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    The Occupational Category Chooses Before CDR Report Writing-

    Engineers Australia has distributed the occupational category into four different sections that are mentioned below:

    • Professional Engineer
    • Engineering Technologist 
    • Engineering Associate 
    • Engineering Manager

    Before you start drafting your CDR For Australia, you need to choose your preferred occupational category. It helps you decide how you showcase your application of engineering knowledge and skills. 

    How To Frame An Impactful Environmental Engineer CDR Report?

    To draft an impressive CDR that can help you achieve your migration visa on your very first attempt, you need to proper procedure and format of CDR Pathway Engineers Australia. A CDR primarily makes up of three elements; a CPD, three career episodes, and a summary statement. You need to follow the below format to draft your CDR:

    Prepare three career episodes

    You need to draft three career episodes and each career episode should be based on different aspects of your engineering activity. Each narrative should showcase the application of your engineering knowledge and skills. Each career episode should comprise four sections; an introduction, background, personal engineering activity, and summary.

    Provide a summary statement

    You must provide a summary statement at the end to highlight all the competency elements that you have mentioned in the different paragraphs of career episodes. It is the analysis report of career episodes that you showcase in the summary statement. 

    Make a list of CPD

    You need to prepare a CPD list in a tabular format (title, date, duration, location, and organizer) that may include the details of the training, meetings, conferences, workshops, and seminars that you have attended. 

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