RuneScape - With the most efficient equipment

  • The aim of RuneScape gold this Herb runs is get at the quickest speed possible to all the Herb patches that are available to you, harvest herbs for sale for cash and then replant the seeds for a later harvest. With the most efficient equipment and making use of all five patches it is possible to finish the run in less than six minutes, with the timer starting as soon as you teleport to Trollheim and ending when all patches are harvested and put back in the ground, and all tools are stored.

    It is possible to replace the Ardougne Cloak 4 can be substituted with Ardougne Cloak 2 or 3 The Cloaks will only be used with the Farm patch teleport once every day. If you want to, you can use Teleport to North Ardougne (must unlock at Livid Farm) however this takes you a long way away from the Farming patches. Teleport to Catherby is possible to substitute with the Teleport to Camelot or an Camelot tab. The Trollheim Patch cannot be diseased/die. Magic Secateurs are optional but can increase Herb yield.

    Presently, I'm not sure if is worth the effort to use Juju Farming tinctures - even though they are useful, they take a very longer time of gathering ingredients to create. However, they allow Torstol seeds a viable option to make money, as they yield the average more than Snapdragon even for patches other than ones that are not on Trollheim patch.

    Herb runs have an average return of 2-4m per hour, with the drawback that you only perform it for 6 minutes per two hours or less. It's a great way to stop what you're working on or learning the ability or get started or finish your session of RS. If you value time at above 4 minutes per hour Don't cultivate Herbs.

    The purpose of The purpose of the Herb race is to travel as fast as you can to each of the Herb patches that are available , then harvest plants to sell them for cash and then replant the seeds to OSRS buy gold be harvested later.