Cederquist stated that if enough players in Diablo II Resurrect

  • "Really it was created to appeal to d2r items console users or for a user who wants to use a controller" Gallerani explained. "But the number of players who wanted the quick-cast to be brought back to the keyboard was so overwhelming that we thought"We have to do it.'"

    The balance changes that are coming, Cederquist was quick to mention, also resulted from the feedback developers received after the launch of their game.

    "Diablo II" is the standard ARPG at the time and to this day," Cederquist said. "There are many players, including myself who have played for over 20 years every time they play ladder games. In the moment we are definitely looking for feedback on the forumsand cooperate together with the creators of content to give us specific feedback. We could also reach to them and say"What do you think of this? Do you think this is excessive? What do you think about this? Since they're those who play every day. There is a genuine connection between the players and the community in a partnership."

    One significant modification Cederquist claimed was an outcome of feedback is the adjustments to changes for mercenaries that will be available in patch 2.4. At present most players who have played for a long time stick only with the mercenary companion which can be recruited during Act II, as they are considered to be the most powerful because of the passive aura that enhances the character of the player, and also allows them to use a particular strong Runeword. Patch 2.4 will give other mercenaries with higher power or greater damage potential as well as they will also have a stronger damage potential. Act V Barbarian mercenary will receive new shouting abilities. Other significant changes to the other mercenaries in the game have yet to be revealed.

    Cederquist stated that if enough players in Diablo II Resurrected group demand an exact change The development team will examine the possibility of Buy D2R items PS4 implementing it. The question is what the future holds in terms of new content.