Madden NFL 22 being no different

  • With each passing NFL season, the game's events become more intense, culminating in the Super Bowl, where both the winners of Madden 22 coins both the AFC and NFC compete for the ultimate prize of the year. Since John Madden Football was released in 1989 the world of video games has been filled with games that replicate the events that occur throughout the course of the season. Since the advent of Franchise Mode, the individual player ratings are now more crucial than ever before, with Madden NFL 22 being no different.

    The announcement of player ratings is an event that is highly anticipated and each year it will include an exclusive group of players who will be admitted to the coveted 99 Club. The other players follow in the same way, and as the season unfolds it becomes clear that surprises are aplenty, and judging who will rise to the top and who will go down the drain is simply not possible.

    The many unexpected players who will be in this year's Super Bowl have shown this even more than before. When the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams meet at SoFi Stadium for the big game, and the predictions pour in from all sides One thing that's certain can be said to be Madden NFL's Super Bowl player ratings are far from being accurate.

    For many, the greatest shock of the postseason has been the rise of the Cincinnati Bengals and the team's unlikely rise towards the Super Bowl. Madden NFL 22 developer, EA could be the most shocked by this, as the team holds an overall score of 75, which is the lowest in the entire game. With a top 10 running back in Joe Mixon (currently sitting at 93) as well as Comeback Champion Joe Burrow at an--albeit underrated--86 This team's poor rating is quite unlike what fans are seeing in the field each week. The most devastating issue on the Bengals team has to be Tight End, C.J Uzomah, who has been elite in his position, but is only sporting a 79 overall rating.

    The Rams are better rated, sitting at a respectable score of 84. However, this is less then the Buccaneers, Cardinals, and Ravens that the Rams defeated in the regular season, as well as cheap Mut 22 coins in a postseason win over both Tampa Bay and Arizona.