Rsgoldfast - This is a topic that I find difficult

  • This is a topic that I find difficult. Is it worth spending time creating something that RuneScape gold allows players to have the chance to experience the same thing over again? Or to use that time to make something new? We believe that quests should be expanded to provide more rewards as well as more engaging cuts. This will enable players to enjoy the content, which will bring more enjoyment. However, we will keep the idea in mind of replaying quests.

    In my opinion, it's a shame that it would require a lot of work for Jagex to allow players to re-do a quest. My preference (if the option of re-doing a quest was available)would be the boss fight in Dragon Slayer (...A green portal hole that has a dragon's head at the top, which is located behind Oziach's store which can only be entered after you've completed the quest. That means that X players trying to complete the quest simultaneously will be transported to a different parallel Elvarg lair - and also that way, those re-doing the quest wouldn't interfere with people who are fighting Elvarg for the first time).

    Dragon Slayer features the thrilling finale scene when you are crowned the winner. I want to return. Moderator stated that players weren't allowed to re-play Fur ‘n’ Seek. If I had the chance do so, I'd inform Mod Fetzki know that I would LOVE to face Elvarg once more (no XP rewards for killing Elvarg).

    Would you be willing to do a boss fight over again? Deb/Stormys_Amazon (me) and I were invited to Jagex last weekend for an excursion, as well as to visit with several of their top players. While we signed a non-disclosure agreement, there are some things we are able to discuss. We wanted to share these with everyone. Let me just tell you, it was absolutely amazing and I'm still ecstatic!

    I won't post names until I've spoken to the players and confirmed that it is okay with the players. However, there were a few high-ranking players as well as other players. We had a great time having a weekend with OSRS buy gold fellow players who were all very nice.