What Are Factions And Their Benefits In New World?

  • Factions are a social system in the New World, and when you reach a certain level, you must swear allegiance to one of three factions. The three factions in New World are called The Marauders, The Syndicate, and The Covenant.

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    What are the benefits of joining a faction in New World?

    Signing up with these factions provides exclusive unique stat benefits, exec cosmetic items, consumables, and things. Factions also have Faction Quests that award you with Faction Tokens and also boosted the faction online reputation within your faction. You may make use of the Faction Tokens to get components, consumables, as well as other faction-specific equipment coming from the faction shop.

    You may just accept approximately six faction quests immediately, and this can be performed through interacting along with your faction agent. If you involve in PvP faction missions, faction influence can likewise either increase or reduce. Talk with your faction agent after the completion of a quest to gather your perks.

    Joining a faction

    To join a faction in the New World, you must complete a series of main storyline missions until you reach your local colony and reach level 8. In the settlement, you'll meet Urbanus Bixford, who will introduce you to faction representatives.

    After talking to each faction representative, you will be able to join a faction. To join a faction, the faction representative will give you a start faction quest, allowing you to complete it before you are fully welcome to the faction.