Game Update: Master Crafting & Ninja Strike

  • You know what could have been good? The debut of an actual'elite' skilling outfit. Through gaining the tokens, you would present it throughout case the way it is right now. The elite crafting outfit could have benefits just as with other elite skilling outfits (right now it's cosmetic only, which RS07 Gold is a pity ).

    Aka, Runescape players obtain the ability to get the outfit faster today, through participating in the event, or purchasing it through MTX, and people who miss out on the event can get it through normal skilling at the future shortly after the event finishes (even slower than if obtained'through' the event). Observe the possibility for future events like this.

    I was excited when I read the name for now. Ninja fixes and QoL upgrades to the crafting guild! However upon logging in I was quite frustrated finding instead of adding reward shop to the crafting guild together with an actual elite ensemble, we obtained makeup (which are not bad, but again rewards shop ) and temporary xp boosts, behind a mtx promo. Also with master craft readily gets confused in casual conversation master crafter outfit.

    This is a cute small event thought, and when we're going to receive limited-time XP grinding occasions anyway I think this is an ideal way to go about them-- a few temporary bonuses, a few skill-focused makeup, and opening up the guilds to new Runescape players temporarily. I could see the allure of this becoming the new standard for events such as this. Could we please so the crafting port for urns recalls our choices have it? Needing to pick it each time around the wheel(defaults into pot lid), and then it not necessarily choosing the unf urn type we've got in our Inventory in the oven (for some reason after selecting the skill type of urn, it then defaults to next highest you can craft?) Is dull as hell.

    The Crafting Guild thing is kind. The events team could be churning out events such as this no matter what, but this stations the time and work that would be put into occasions anyhow and uses to upgrade an outdated area. Two birds, 1 stone.I just don't get why they can not make appropriate makeup anymore. The master crafting outfit just has literally and a male version no feminine version at all, this happens to each and every outfit.

    I said this in a previous comment on an update, but can we possibly add all guilds to some kind of jewlery teleports because the invention, farming, and runecrafting guilds were performed lately but some of the additional ones are nevertheless to possess these teleports? Especially now with the crafting guild being updated, it would have been ideal timing for that one, but there are 3 I could think of without teleports straight to them (crafting, wizards in yanille, and thieving although this gets the elite Skilling outfit teleport) and that I feel like placing them on skills necklace/combat bracelet/etc. Can make sense.

    I discovered that following the pottery wheel if I click the bank it will not bring me to the bank straight away, I only kind of quit and look at it and then I have to click on it a 2nd time so as to bank. Apparently I have to watch for a couple seconds after the crafting advancement interface (the one that states 1/14 created, 5/14 made, 14/14 made etc.) to drift towards the chest without suddenly quitting. Is this a bug or just something that happens when crafting?

    Master crafting spots drops in a terrible pace, even if crafting. I'd around 4 hours of harps in Prif for cheap RS gold Indices dust and am only at 2k money. It is what every 2.5-3 minute? Maybe an avg of 3 hrs a day for the whole 2 week event? You're really desperate to get people to dismiss bonds and runecoins. The crafting guild picture update looked somewhat rushed too. The roof, exterior walls & interior walls seem out of place today.