Legend of the Ancient Sword: The Best Classes to Get Started

  • Those who can’t decide between melee and caster will certainly feel at home as a Spellsword, hybrid warrior mages from the strict and magnificent schools in Taihua Temple who blend powerful sorceries with martial prowess and razor-sharp swords. Or control the battlefield as a Spearmaster who uses lightning-fast attacks and battlefield engineering to become an intimidating force. Finally, for players who like to impact the fight from afar, there is the Summoner, equipped with a deep bond to the natural world that allows them to summon mighty creatures to aid them in the fight! Swords of Legends offers these classes: At the start of the MMORPG you can choose from 6 different classes. Each of them has two specializations that you can switch between at any time outside of combat and free of charge:


    The Reaper is a hybrid melee and support class that uses their powerful scythe and dark magic to destroy their enemies and assist their comrades. With two masteries to specialize within, the Reaper can command deadly curses and a variety of poisons as the Assassin or use blood-magic and custom-bred insects as The Occultist to heal her allies and boost their abilities


    The Berserker class possesses the ability to transform into a wolf, which can even function as a mount for another ally. They can also tear through their enemies, inflicting great damage by riding atop of their greatswords.


    Spellswords are well-versed in many ancient techniques, including the art of teleportation, which allows them to move a whole team to a previously marked location. The Spellsword tradition is based on the Nine Imperial Sword Techniques, which were honed and refined by the immortal Zhengyang.

    The Bard

    Bards have a deep and profound understanding of music, knowing how to combine the magical notes of their instruments with the forces of nature. They use this magic to hit their foes from a distance or provide support to their allies with powerful healing melodies. Alternatively Bards can manipulate the harmony of nature, and harness this imbalance to execute powerful elemental attacks.

    The Summoner

    The Summoners’ celestial healing prayers often prove to be the difference between life and death. But they are not limited to healing duties, being perfectly capable of inflicting serious damage should the situation require. Casting arcane spells, they can wield command over nature and the creatures of the wilderness.

    The Spearmaster

    Over years of hard training, Spearmasters hone their skills to become extremely formidable opponents on the field of battle, proving themselves as a stalwart allies. In addition to their martial prowess in combat, they are also talented engineers, capable of constructing impressive machines to aid their cause.

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