Sales of Final Fantasy XIV are suspended

  • Square Enix announced on Thursday that sales of Final Fantasy XIV will be suspended due to ongoing server and queue issues after the launch of the Endwalker expansion. Although existing players are not affected, no newcomers can purchase Final Fantasy XIV entry or full version. Sales of upgrade packages such as expansion packs and collector's editions will not stop, so existing players can purchase new content.

    Square Enix is pulling new ads for games and FFXIV Gil, although Square Enix points out that this will be a gradual process. For players who encountered the error 2002, Square Enix conducted an investigation and found that the cause was a login error that dates back to Final Fantasy XIV version 1.0. It is fixed in a patch for the game client scheduled to be released on December 21, 2021.

    Square Enix will also extend the free time available to existing players for another 14 days. For anyone with a complete game and a valid subscription before December 21, 2021, there will be a total of 21 days of free time. In the months before the launch of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, the number of players had exceeded 24 million. Players can earn Final Fantasy XIV Gil in the game to get the items they want.

    Square Enix has been working hard to set up additional servers to increase the capacity of new players, but the ongoing challenges caused by the pandemic have limited the available hardware. Square Enix noted that the team hopes to provide a roadmap sometime in January 2022. Patch 6.05 is currently scheduled to be released as originally planned on January 4, 2022. This patch adds new dungeons, recipes, etc. to the game. In addition, players can try to buy FFXIV Gil.