Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Fixes Its Blocky Grapes

  • The Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker 6.0 update also revealed two new FFXIV Gil, a male Viera race, and more cutscenes than past expansions. However, when some fans played Endwalker, they noticed a strange shape hanging on the vine in the game Fruits. Players quickly pointed out on the Internet that Endwalker's low-resolution grapes are located in Labyrinthos, a new area of Endwalker.

    The blocky crystal grapes of Final Fantasy XIV are in sharp contrast with the developers’ details in other graphics and their high-quality cutscenes. Some people suggest that low-quality grapes are the result of a balanced game, because more detailed in-game decorations will greatly affect the game's Cheap FFXIV Gil. Probably because of this, players can taste the bulky-looking grapes in Endwalker.

    According to PC Gamer, the first expansion patch adjusted different components of the game and added a new eight-person team copy. To the disappointment of some fans, the patch also repaired the lumpy grapes. Square Enix, the developer of the video game, said it has fixed these issues. Now the grapes in the game are significantly less lumpy, and game players regret the loss of low-resolution grapes.

    Square Enix has been committed to alleviating server congestion. The developers increased the login limit, implemented a shorter AFK timer, and prioritized paid subscribers to the game over free trial users. In addition, Square Enix even temporarily stopped selling the initial and full versions of the game, hoping to relieve congestion.

    As the popularity of Final Fantasy XIV continues to grow, partly because of FFXIV Gil, fans want to reduce congestion and reduce online waiting time. If Square Enix can fix the game’s infamous grape after online discussions, it is likely to create more servers to ease congestion.