How do Final Fantasy XIV players unlock Pandaemonium?

  • Once players have completed the incredible storyline in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, the next part they might want to enter is the brand new 90-level raid series, The Pandaemonium. The series will contain a total of 12 raids, divided into three chapters. The first is Asphodelos, which includes the first four Circles/Raids of Pandaemonium.

    To access Pandaemonium in Final Fantasy XIV, players must meet certain requirements. First, the player must complete the entire mission line of Endwalker. In all the new areas of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, there are many distracting but fascinating side content to enjoy. Therefore, those who only focus on completing the endgame raid must give priority to completing the main FFXIV Gil.

    After completing the main story, fans of Final Fantasy XIV can talk to Lalafell named Nemjiji in Old Sharlayan at X:10, Y:12 to unlock Pandaemonium. She will provide the mission "The Crystal from Beyond", which is a level 90 mission that can access the Asphodelos mission line.

    Final Fantasy XIV players who have not completed the previous expansion will not be able to access The Pandaemonium. Although it is recommended to spend some time enjoying the character development and plot in Final Fantasy XIV, there will be some people whose main fun in the game is Raiding. In this case, the best way to complete the storyline is to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil from the Final Fantasy XIV online store.

    The equipment that Final Fantasy XIV players can obtain from The Pandaemonium may be the best equipment in the game. Asphodelos is an endgame raid, which means that specific loot rules will apply to the rolling of armor and weapons. After defeating the leader of Raid in FFinal Fantasy XIV, players will get a unique token. There are four available circles, allowing players to earn four FFXIV Gil per week.