Naoki Yoshida of Final Fantasy XIV hints at the future of gamin

  • Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker ends the legend of Zodiark and Hydaelyn, and is the product of ten years of work since 1.0. However, the end of this chapter means that they will devote themselves to the next work. Naoki Yoshida confirmed this in the letter: "However, Final Fantasy XIV itself is far from over. We have already started for all warriors of light or adventure Create a new journey instead of embarking on it!"

    Naoki Yoshida is still passionate about the direction of development of Final Fantasy XIV, and, as he said before, regards Final Fantasy XIV as his life's work. And considering the player's needs for FFXIV Gil, he set a lot of tasks in the game. So what can we expect next? It seems that there will be enlightenment in the near future.

    "The first step of our new journey is Patch 6.1. Before that, we will take this opportunity to share our FFXIV Gil for the future of Final Fantasy XIV," Naoki Yoshida said. Although this is just a reminder, we have reached 6.05, so new patches and any reminders we get will come.

    Naoki Yoshida once again solved the two-week release delay and server issues, and assured them that they will continue to work on increasing capacity and increasing data centers. As many industries still have supply problems, he asked to continue to be patient to allow players to have a smoother experience. Before the arrival of the new patch, players can try to Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil in order to progress faster in the game.