New World faces declining player numbers again

  • New World initially had more than 900,000 concurrent players on Steam, but it dropped sharply to around 70,000. As of this writing, New World has just over 61,000 players on Steam, according to Steamcharts.

    New World's constant game glitches have resulted in players becoming increasingly frustrated with the game's content. According to Steam users, the game started off with positive reviews, but then there were a lot of negatives, including New World Gold clones, various game bugs.

    In response to declining player numbers and to ensure servers maintain a healthy population, Amazon began merging servers in December. The two mergers greatly reduced the total number of servers players can join, but those players now say Amazon should consider merging servers again.

    Reddit user jotakl noted that some servers could barely hold 200-300 players at peak, while others had around 500. Other users foreshadowed a further drop in player numbers starting next month with the release of Lost Arc and Elden Ring. One user even suggested Amazon consider changing New World into a free MMO to increase player count.

    The good news is that the game's successful Winter Convergence event has been extended to January 25th. This means players still have time to collect New World Gold and unlock gifts filled with limited-time cosmetic items. Meanwhile, players can also buy New World Gold at IGGM.

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