New World could see a quick turnaround in 2022

  • New World has faced some rough times since its launch in 2021, but with some good updates, things could turn around quickly in 2022. New World is an MMORPG that transports players to the land of Aeternum, where they can occupy New World Gold, fight monsters and explore. While Amazon has had bad luck with past gaming adventures, it managed to generate quite a bit of hype ahead of the game's release. After multiple delays, the game finally launched on September 28, and Amazon found its servers flooded. At its peak, New World had 913,634 concurrent players, and players were lining up to start their adventures.

    A few months later, New World's future looks less certain. The player base has shrunk dramatically, largely due to complaints about glitches, New World Gold exploits, and an unbalanced economy. With its beautiful environments and engaging combat, New World certainly has potential, but fans want to see something that helps improve the game's weaker aspects. Hopefully 2022 will bring the changes many players have been waiting for.

    As an MMO, expect a lot of updates to New World. Amazon has outlined its approach to future updates. In the past, studios were sending out fixes too quickly, causing patches to create more problems. As such, Amazon will focus on testing updates to ensure they are stable, and will limit the number of fixes attempted per update. Players can try to buy New World Gold on

    Some of the upcoming changes suggest that Amazon is aware of common complaints and is trying to address them. In February, players can look forward to an update focused on balance, tweaks, and bug fixes. New World will feature minor balance updates to popular weapons including the Great Ax, the Rapier, the Fire Staff, and the Ice Gauntlet.