New World PTR update improves combat responsiveness

  • New World's latest public beta realm version was officially released on February 3rd and includes a number of combat updates, balance changes, and New World Gold bug fixes for players to get their feet wet before the update hits the live version of Amazon's MMO. As Amazon As the game studio previously detailed, no new content for New World will be released in February, with the team instead focusing on bug fixes and improvements.

    "Deciding when to adjust resources to deliver new content or focus on improving what's already there is a delicate balancing act for live games, and New World is no exception," reads a February PTR announcement. "For our February game update, we paused feature development to improve the state of the live game." Therefore, if players want to try buy New World Gold, will be a good choice.

    Weapon swaps should feel more fluid, with players now able to swap while dodging, reacting, using consumables, and traversing environments. It is also now possible to swap weapons and then queue an attack or ability, allowing players to perform actions immediately after the swap. Also, the recovery time after dodging has been shortened. While the PTR notes don't delve into specifics, many weapon capabilities have been significantly overhauled. These include the great axe's powerful gravity well abilities, as well as powerful musket skills such as stopping power, sticky bombs, and marksman stance.

    The February PTR update also added a dedicated trading chat channel for players to sell their wares, as well as some tweaks to the game's Outpost Rush PvP mode, including changes to how the mode is scored and updated rewards, which now include New World Gold. New World recently introduced the Mutator system to its endgame dungeons, while also offering a way to increase the item's max gear score, providing more engaging content for the highest-level players.